The entire world felt the misery when Brazil star Neymar was stretchered out of the ground after a terrible foul by Colombia's Juan Camilo Zuniga in the quarter-last of FIFA 2014, which left the 22-year-old with a broken vertebra, while finishing his World Cup and putting Brazil's odds of a different universe glass brilliance in peril.

Be it France legend Zinedine Zidane's notorious "headbutt" on Italy's Marco Materazzi amid the 2006 World Cup last or Dutch Midfielder Nigel de Jong's thrust on Spain's Xabi Alonso in the 2010 World Cup last, the wonderful amusement has had some of its most ugliest minutes at the greatest stage.

Conveying desires of the millions, players in quest for donning wonderfulness have now and again turned to frantic measures that has left a dull spot on world's most taken after diversion.

The Brazil versus Colombia quarter-last was severe from the earliest starting point, seeing an unbelievable 54 fouls. With Brazil grieving Neymar's shocking takeoff from the World Cup, Neymar experienced issues battling off his tears as he tended to his comrades and colleagues approaching them to finish their mission for a 6th world title.

The weight to succeed and contend at the top level has frequently prompted players embracing ruthless handles, going too far now and again.

At the point when Uruguay faced Scotland in the 1986 World Cup group matches, it didn't take long for the terrible difficulties to fly in as Uruguay protector Jose Batista made a nightmarish tackle on Scottish player Gordon Strachan inside of the opening moment, which brought about Batista's way out from the competition.

Amid the 1966 World Cup, the Portuguese group assaulted Brazilian star Pele as a pack of wolves with Joao Morais hacking the legend twice in quick progression. Because of the ruthlessness of those handles, Pele was so truly hurt that he needed to play whatever is left of the amusement on for all intents and purposes one leg.

A standout amongst the most glaring and grisly red cards in World Cup history went along when Ramos endured a skull crack in this 1994 World Cup amusement after the Brazilian Leonardo swung his elbow into his head.

Relatively, one of the rarest tackle is supposedly said to have specifically added until the very end of a footballer when Bosnia's Muhamed Mujic's tossed in a test on Russia's Eduard Dubinski. As a consequence of the crash, Dubinski added to an uncommon type of growth and passed on seven years after the fact at 34 years old.

Indistinguishable cases of rash brutality were on account of Germany goalkeeper Harald Schumacher flying into France's Patrick Battiston in the 1982 semi-last, an occasion that left the guard torpid.

Looks of stunning football have been seen in FIFA 2014 also, as the Uruguay striker Luis Suarez bit Italy protector Giorgio Chiellini, welcoming a boycott of 9 matches for the Liverpool striker.

Despite its terrible side, football remains the greatest fury among all games, however it can manage without such episodes that stain its picture of 'The Beautiful Game'.

Ronaldo had been frustrating defenders all through the worldcup 2006 and Boulahrouz needed to let him know who was supervisor early. His high test after only seven minutes got Ronaldo's thigh and ought to have brought about a red card. He got off softly with a yellow, much to the repugnance of the then-Manchester United starlet.
Regardless of showing up in anguish and with a conspicuous slash on his leg, Ronaldo could keep playing after treatment yet was substituted in the 34th moment. He would, in any case, go ahead to assume an essential part – a dubious one, obviously – in the following round against England.

Presently, 10 years down the line, Ronaldo has gone ahead to accomplish gigantic things on the football pitch while it is presumably the most renowned thing Boulahrouz has ever done. Therefore, he is as yet talking about it today.